Below are some words and sender names which are blocked by Nigerian network operators. This means that if you include any of these in your message, it will not deliver and your SMS units will be deducted. Please take note.
Blocked Sender Names:
FBI, CIA, Interpol, Interp0l, 1nterp0l, FBI, CIA, Buhari, EFCC, MTN, 180, 181, 121, ETISALAT, 9Mobile, Glo NG, MTNNG, MTNB0NUS, M'T'NNG, M'T'NNG, +MTNNG, M'T'NNG, CBN, 131, NOLLYWOOD, AIRTEL, AIRTEL NG, GL0NG, 18O, M`TNNG, M'TNNG, M'TNNG, GTBank, GTB, GTB Ekenwan, GTB Uselu, GTB, GTB Ekenwa, 777, 4100, MTN Nig, MTN-Nigeria, GTB, FCMB, Zenith, access, bank, prophetic, APC, PDP, INEC, UBA, UBA Bank and any other bank name.

Blocked Message Body:
vote, whatsapp, code, elect, election, financial, congrats, congratulation, wow, sex, promo, fuck, yello, raffle, Globacom, buhari, win, yellow, congrats, congratulations, promotion, promotions, winning, won, wada, Yell0w, survey, surveyor, hurray, facebook, twitter, instagram,, APC, PDP, YDP and any bank-related messages.
SPAM WORDS: (These ones are most times blocked for Spam reasons)
million, lottery, promo, gbp, congrat!, congrat, congratulation!, congratulation, pounds, dollars, euros, euro, raffle, money, won, you have won, you won, win now, winner, winning number, win, winner, winning, survey, surveys, scratch and win, million dollars, prize, n2million, mtn, glo, airtel, etisalat, 9mobile, congratulations promo won call, pr0m0 w0n call, prom0 w0n call, pr0mo w0n call, promo won call, hurray w0n call, hurray won call, won prize call, raffle draw, w0n prize call, pr0m0 prize call, prom0 prize call, pr0mo prize call, Tracking Number, reply @, wow, JAMB, UTME, call.

Please, always mind these words and avoid them in your messages so as to ensure a high success rate of your bulk SMS delivery in Nigeria.
More on Bulk SMS Sender ID's

We cannot overemphasize the restrictions and policies that have rocked the SMS industry in recent years. The DND issue was just the beginning of what is fast becoming a stringent and controlled bulk SMS industry, thanks in no part to the increase in spam and scam messages. 

The network operators with the support of the NCC are now taking bulk SMS from an individual level to more of a corporate service for firms and businesses. Because of this, it is now mandated that all Sender IDs used to send bulk SMS be registered with all GSM operators (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT).

When Sender IDs are not registered on the operators’ portal, SMS sent with such Sender IDs are changed automatically by the GSM operators to a default one (For Example “Bulk SMS”). Without this change, the SMS will fail completely while you will still be charged for it.

For this new development, we will forward your Sender IDs for registration on form our end. Please, forward your list of regularly used sender ID’s to us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Registration takes 5-7 days.


  • Avoid sending unsolicited and scam related SMS from your account, as Sender IDs with such records are banned completely from being used in delivering bulk SMS.
  • The operators also require that the Sender ID for registration should be used regularly, most especially for corporate information. The reason being that Sender IDs used sparingly gets removed from the database eventually.


We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences this new development might cause you. We assure you that as always, we are on top of this situation and already making progress with getting as many IDs registered as possible. We advise that you please desist from sending unsolicited SMS from your account (ensure your recipients want to hear from you), and also use your Sender ID as often as possible to ensure it is not removed from the database. In the meantime, you can also include your Sender ID in the body of the message probably as a signature at the end pending when your Sender ID is registered.


Thank you for your continued patronage.

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